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What is a Red Light Laser Facial?
A red light laser facial combines advanced technology with a traditional facial in order achieve more vibrant and youthful skin. It is an all in one treatment that includes exfoliation of the skin, opening of the pores and a gentle non-invasive laser to stimulate collagen.

What are the benefits of a Red Light Laser Facial?
A red light laser facial safely stimulates collagen, eradicates the bacteria that causes acne, decreases pore sizes, minimizes fine lines, smooths out skin texture and tone, diffuses redness and scars, and evens out overall skin complexion.

How does the laser work on my skin?
The laser uses advanced science to specifically target the deeper layer of the skin where collagen is generated. It gently heats the skin, which stimulates new collagen production. This result in the continual increase of natural collagen over time, tighter pores, smoother skin and more even skin tone.

Who is the Ideal candidate for a Red Light Laser Facial?
Laser facials can be safely administered to the majority of skin types and tones. Laser facials are recommended for candidates who are in overall good health, who want to increase their natural collagen production and who have realistic expectations for the procedures results.

Is a Red Light Laser Facial painful?
Red Light Laser Facials are not painful. Many patients report that the laser feels like warm water gently washing over the skin. In many cases the warmth continues for to up to thirty minutes after the procedure.

How long does a Red Light Laser Facial take to perform?
After your Phoenix Medical Spa Specialist performs a quick facial analysis, discusses your personal treatment goals, and preps the skin. The facial takes about 45 minutes.

What should you expect after treatment?
Immediately after receiving a laser facial, the treated area may appear flushed and feel warm. This should subside within minutes.

Does a Laser Facial Require downtime?
The Laser facial is noninvasive and does not require any down time. The treated skin might appear flushed for about five to ten minutes after the procedure however this will quickly disappear. Patients can immediately resume their daily routine after the procedure.

How often can and should you receive Red Light Laser Facials for optimal results?
While results can be seen after just one facial, a series of six facials: one facial, for six consecutive weeks is highly recommended in order to achieve optimum results. Depending on the concern being addressed, your provider may recommend other treatments in conjunction, such as a Peel or a Vampire Facelift. These may be alternated with the Red Light Laser if needed.

What are the risks of a Laser facial?
When receiving any laser treatment, it is important to protect your eyes. Your Phoenix Medical Spa Specialist will provide protective eyewear in order to guard your eyes from accidental exposure to the laser.

Who should not receive a Red Light Laser Facial?
While the laser facial is compatible with most skin types and tones, Accutane and cancer patients should not receive Laser Facials.

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