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Effective Anti-Aging Technology

Used by celebrities, high profile skin care professionals, spas and resorts all over the world!
Revive, replenish and protect your skin with Intraceuticals 3 step hyaluronic layering.

Intraceuticals Oxygen treatments and professional grade skincare products combine powerful anti-aging ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants with multiweight hyaluronic acid to dramatically transform the look and feel of your skin.

Oxygen under light pressure aids delivery of low molecular weight age defying serum to the deeper layers of the skin at the same time as cooling and calming the skin.

Rejuvenate Oxygen Treatment
An Intraceuticals Rejuvenate treatment is a non invasive treatment that targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dramatically enhances overall hydration.

Opulence Oxygen Treatment
An Opulence treatment is soothing, relaxing and suitable for all skin types. In just one soothing treatment your skin will look younger, brighter, more luminous. Uneven skin tone is balanced, skin looks and feels hydrated, rejuvenated, radiant and fresh.

Atoxelene Oxygen Treatment
With just one Atoxelene treatment® your expression lines will appear visibly softened. Expression lines appear smoother, firmer and visibly reduced, eye contour more defined and lips look plumped.

Clarity Oxygen Treatment
In just one treatment, your skin will look and feel clarified and calm. Acne affected skin is comforted and visibly refined while oil free nourishers ensure moisture balance is maintained to help defend against future breakouts.

Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient found naturally in the skin. The lightweight version of Hyaluronic Acid in the Intraceutial Serums is absorbed quickly by the skin for maximum dispersion of nutrients. Follow with the Hydration Gel with multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid that offers a reservoir of nutrients for the skin, finish with the Moisture Binding Cream containing multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin’s surface. The ultimate in intense hydration is now achieved and we call this Hyaluronic Layering.

This is the first step in your skin’s visible transformation. Cooling, calming, pressurised oxygen increases absorption of the Serum and naturally improves your skin’s moisture levels while Vitamins and antioxidants protect and defend. A combination of lightweight Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Ingredients result in instantly in smoother looking skin with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, better volume and increased firmness. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with vitality. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days, in conjunction with continued use of at home products.

Intensify and maintain your results with Treatment Support Products. Hydration Gel with multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid provides the next hydration layer to seal in hydration and create an invisible barrier against hydration loss. Apply twice daily. Use the Rejuvenate Contour Eye Gel specifically for the delicate eye area with double concentration of multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid.

The final step in the hyaluronic layering process. This moisture rich product contains multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid providing intense hydration and a blend of essential oils – jojoba, macadamia, wheatgerm, sweet almond – to lock in hydration. Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Ingredients protect and help defend against environmental stress and the visible signs of premature ageing. This Hyaluronic Layering process offers unmatched hydration and long lasting results. Continued use of Treatment Support Products is an essential stage in prolonging the benefits. Apply twice daily and prepare to be impressed.

BOOSTERS are available as an Add On to your Intraceuticials Oxygen Treatment as well as a take come product.

Revitalises and balances dull, stressed skin with exceptionally powerful natural antioxidants sourced from the Australian Rainforest. Clarifies and refines the appearance of skin prone to blemishes, visible pores, sun damage, uneven texture or deep wrinkles.

Provides a potent cocktail of collagen messenger peptides to promote skin renewal and rejuvenation.

Vitamin A clarifies skin prone to blemishes, sun damage and deep wrinkles.

Helps smooth, strengthen, and protect healthy skin with 3 synergistic forms of Vitamin C to benefit all skin types.

Is an Oxygen Facial Painful?
Oxygen Facials are soothing and completely painless.

Does an Oxygen Facial require downtime?
Oxygen Facials do not require any downtime and are often administered before red carpet events and special occasions.

What should you expect after an Oxygen Facial?
After an oxygen facial the skin will feel hydrated, fresh and balanced. it will also appear radiant, dewy and glowing. These results continue to improve several days after the treatment.

​Are you a good candidate for an Oxygen Facial?
An Oxygen facial can be administered on any skin type and tone. It is the ideal treatment for patients with post inflammatory pigmentation, dry, sensitive and problem prone skin.

How long does an Oxygen Facial take to perform?
After cleansing and preparing the skin, an Oxygen Facial takes about 30 minutes.

How often can and should you receive an Oxygen Facial?
For optimum results, we recommend receiving an Oxygen Facial once a month.

Who should not receive an Oxygen Facial?
An Oxygen facial is completely safe for all skin types and tones. However, we recommend speaking with your doctor before receiving an Oxygen facial if you are nursing, pregnant, or are a cancer patient.

*Individual Results May Vary

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